Production Equipment

Our production has a variety of equipment allowing satisfaction guarantee of our customers, with the creation of our own tools, therefore, guaranteeing speed and quality. Our main production equipment contains:

  • Guillotine of cutting steel up to 75mm;
  • Gas and Induction Furnaces;
  • Heat Treatment Furnaces;
  • Conventional Mechanical Lathes;
  • Conventional Milling Machines;
  • CNC Machining Center;
  • Center of Electro-Erosion and Electro-Erosion for thread;
  • Hole Drilling Centre;
  • Presses of 200 to 2500 ton;
  • Cleaning by steel shot.

Our Technologies

Through our Technical Department we develop and plan all phases of the project with the assistance of manufacturing technology CAD / CAM. With the knowledge of this technology, we increase the quality of the project and therefore our productivity by reducing time and costs.



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