Production Process

Forging is a manufacturing process in which the material deforms hot or cold by compression to produce parts with a required shape. One of the factors for its process choice is its low cost allied with the improving mechanical properties of the material. In addition, there are pieces that due to its size and configuration cannot be performed by another process.

Products can be supplied semi-finished or finished state, resulting in very little waste of material and significantly reducing machining tasks.

Forging Advantages facing Die Casting:

  • Impact Resistance greater than castings;
  • Better behavior to Heat Treatment;
  • The nature of Forging excludes the occurrence of porosities and cavities;
  • Presents a lower life cost  of components;


Forging Advantages facing Machining:

  • Requires few secondary operations;
  • More economic use of material;
  • Higher resistance;
  • Lower percentage of scrap metal.

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